Crystal River Ballet School
"Let them praise His name with dancing"-Psalm 149:3
Please fill out the Registration Form below and submit.  Tuition is due at your first class and the first class of each month, is considered late after the 15th of each month a $10 late fee will be assessed.  Registration fee is $25 / new students.  Checks/Cash and PayPal are accepted. 
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Once you "submit" this form your child's name will be registered but, his/.her space will not be held until we receive the first month's tuition and enrollment fee.
Crystal River Ballet School, at The Launchpad~76 S 4th St., Carbondale, CO 81623
Unless prior arrangements are made with the instructor, there will be no pro-rations of tuition for non-attendance, sick-days, holidays, snow days, etc.  Make-up classes are available.  The instructor should be notified immediately in writing should you decide to discontinue for any reason.  All tuition and fees are non-refundable.  It is further understood that the teaching of dance requires a certain amount of physical contact between student and teacher.  Parent acknowledges that such physical contact is inherent in the teaching process and is not intended to be inappropriate.  By participating in a Crystal River Ballet School course or activity, parents are assuming that there are minimal risks and are releasing Crystal River Ballet School, its agents and representatives from any and all liability.  Crystal River Ballet School is a non-discriminatory agency that does not discriminate against those of sex, race or national origin.  By signing below you acknowledge and agree to abide the studio policies as outlined on the policies page of this website.

You will need to SUBMIT the form before you can use the paypal button; click "back" and then come back and pay. Thanks!
Please bring payment to first class, use paypal below or mail to PO Box 134, Carbondale, CO 81623
Please go to policies (item #15.) to see our dress code.  All dress code items are available for purchase at the Crystal River Ballet Studio.

AFTER YOU REGISTER  AND "SUBMIT"  you can go to    PayPal    and login with your account and enter "" and pay your tuition and registration fee there.