Crystal River Ballet School
“Dance is the only art of which we ourselves are the stuff of which it is made”-Ted Shawn
Thank you for selecting Crystal River Ballet School for your dance training!  At Crystal River Ballet School we strive for quality dance training in a fun, nurturing environment.  We consider each student unique and special and will encourage each to develop their gifts.  Our classes are fun and energetic, and we work hard.  I know you’ll see the fruits of our labor in each class, at home, and at our performances.  I encourage you as parents to have your child at each class now through May, fully prepared and ready to work hard and have lots of fun.  Please keep these pages to refer to during the year. 

IMPORTANT DATES:  2022 - 2023 Holidays / NO CLASSES:
                                    Thanksgiving: November 24
                                    Christmas Break: December 19 - January 1
                                    Spring Break:  March 27-31

                                    The Nutcracker:  3RD weekend in December    
                                    Spring Concert : Memorial Daty weekend

1.  Registration:  A registration fee of $25.00 is charged to each new student.  This is a one time fee for all students unless the student leaves the school for longer than a one year period.  In that event, a re-enrollment fee will be charged in the amount of $25.00. At this time, a minimum commitment of one semester is REQUIRED. 

2.  Tuition & Fees:  Tuition is due by the first class. 
I accept CASH, CHECKS OR PAYPAL,VENMO. Monthly payments are only available by permission from the instructor.
Delinquent accounts will be charged a $10.00 late fee on the 16th of month. Payments are delinquent if not paid by the 15th of the month.
Any account that becomes delinquent for two or more months will become inactive and the student will not be allowed to attend classes until payment arrangements have been made.
A charge of $20.00 will be applied on all returned checks.
Account must be at $0.00 balance before all performances or he/she will not be allowed to perform. I can not give refunds for any reason, please make arrangements to make-up any missed classes.  

3.  Discounts:  I provide a 15% discount to families with more than one student of the same immediate family enrolled.  Students must be enrolled at the same time. 

4.  Withdrawal:  The school and instructors must be notified in writing if the student withdraws before the end of the session.  Tuition is charged and is your responsibility until such notification is received by the school.

5.  Attendance/Tardiness:  Attendance will be taken at each class and recognition will be given to those with exceptional attendance at the end of the year school performance.  Good attendance is imperative as absences and tardiness can hold back the entire class.  The studio can not jeopardize its responsibilities to the rest of the class for one student.  Please make every effort to have your child at every class.  If you will be missing class for any reason, you must inform the teacher in advance if possible and makeup the class as soon as possible.  If a dancer arrives 15 minutes late or more, they will not be allowed to participate but must watch the class.  A proper warm-up is essential or they run the risk of injury.

6.  Making-up missed classes:  Making-up classes is allowed only in cases if sickness, injury or family emergency; not for birthday parties, ski days, etc...  Classes must be made-up within 30 days of the date of the absence.  You should make-up a missed class by attending another class of the same or a lower level.  Please discuss these options with the instructor.  Students must maintain the requirements of their level or they may demoted.  

7.  Placement:  It is up to the teacher to place your child in the appropriate level class.  Age is not always the determining factor, nor should it be determined by whether or not their friends are in the same level.  Ballet training is a rigorous discipline and your child will be placed in the best class for his/her abilities.  Factors that will be considered are emotional and physical readiness, strength and stamina, ability to focus and follow directions and corrections.  Please do not assume that your child will be in a certain class without first discussing it with the teacher.

8.  Insurance:  Crystal River Ballet School does not carry medical insurance for its students.  It is REQUIRED that all dance students be covered by their own family insurance policies and if injury occurs it is understood that the student’s own policy is your only source of reimbursement.

9.  Holidays:  Holidays / days off are listed above.  Classes are held on all other holidays unless otherwise noted.

10.  Snow or bad weather:  The studio will not necessarily close for snow days, regardless if area schools are closed as many times roads are clear and safe by 3:30pm.  If in doubt, call Ms Jeni 970-987-4880

11.  Cancellation:  When conditions beyond our control necessitate, we reserve the right to cancel class while making every effort to notify the students involved.  A make-up class may or may not be scheduled depending on the given circumstance.

12.  Parent Observation:   Observing classes at any time is only allowed from the outside windows if the instructor allows. You may wait in the lobby outside of the studio during class as long as you do not disturb the class.  If you have visiting relatives who would like to observe, please call the instructor ahead of time to make arrangements.  

13.  Performances:  Our major performance of the year is the “Nutcracker” which we will perform the third weekend in December.  Students must be enrolled no later than October 1st to participate.  We will have an end of the year performance in late May.   I encourage you to let your child participate in our productions.  A non-refundable performance fee for each show is required as follows:
Nutcracker:  $50.00 due October 15th
Spring Concert: $50.00 due April 15th
Soloists:  an additional rehearsal fee may be due dependent on time involved in private rehearsal time.

14.  Volunteers:  During the course of the year, especially during performances, I will need your help with various activities.  If you have a special talent or ability please let me know.  In order for us to have time to prepare lessons for your child, teach effectively and to keep costs down, I will need to delegate certain tasks.  Most tasks require minimal time and effort.  For more demanding tasks I may be able to negotiate part of your tuition in trade.  

15.  Dress Code:  Required at each class as follows: May be purchased at our Nimbly Store
Creative dance, Pre-ballet
Leotard-light pink or black    Tights-pink    Ballet slipper-leather, pink, full-sole

Ballet Levels 1 to 3
Leotard-Level 1-light pink    Level 2-lavender     Level 3-light blue; 
Tights-pink Ballet slipper-leather, pink or skin tone, full-sole

Leotard-solid any color/black Tights-pink or black Ballet slippers-leather or canvas, pink or skin tone, full or split-sole

Light colored t-shirt, dark tights or loose fitting pants/shorts.  Ballet slippers-leather or canvas, black, white or skin tone, full or split-sole

Jazz pants and either solid color leotard or close fitting shirt that does not expose the belly.  Tanor skin tone jazz shoes or dance "paws"


Warm-ups will only be allowed at the beginning of class and must be removed upon the instructors’ directions.
Cover-ups should be worn over dance clothes when coming and going to classes to keep muscles warm for safety.
Dance shoes are not to be worn outside to keep outside oils and debris off the dancefloor.
Ballet skirts and warm-up shorts may be worn if not too long or bulky per the instructor’s discretion.

16.  Rules:
a. No gum, food, candy or drinks (except water bottles) are allowed in class.
b. Students may not remain in lobby or other areas of the building before, after or during class.  
c. Students must not act disrespectfully to teachers or others during class.  I will give a time-out after 2 warnings and contact the parent if misbehavior persists beyond that.
d. No hanging on the ballet barres.
e. Do not leave the class-room without the instructor’s permission.
f.  No street shoes on the dance floor.
g. Questions are encouraged as long as the student raises her/his hand and the question is relevant to class work.
h. Follow dress code and other requirements as outlined above.

I am excited for the coming the year and getting to know and work with your child.  Please feel free to call me at any time but I am much more able to respond to emails in a timely manner. (link below)

 Jeni Ptacek/Director